Cadencelypso Officially Launched for 2013

Sat Telecoms2013-10-03-16h11m29s27On Tuesday October 1st, the National Cooperative Credit Union officially launched its 2013 Cadence Lypso Show, at the Old Mill Cultural Centre.

The gathering saw last year’s winner, Webster Marie, stage name – De Webb, as well as this year’s competitors, organizers and sponsors.

Gregory Rabess, Representing the Chief Cultural Officer, Mr. Raymond Lawrence, commended the NCCU’s initiative and its attempt to partner with stakeholders, to promote a genre of music that Dominicans can call their own.

The NCCU’s effort, to revitalize Cadence Lypso he says, is very important, as was seen from last year’s competition.

Mr. Rabess further extended his commendations from the Division of Culture, reaffirming their willingness to assist and solidify the initiative.

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Director of Tourism and CEO of the Discover Dominica Authority, Mr. Colin Piper, noted as part of the Tourism portfolio, it is relevant to utilize the Cadence Lypso Festival, as a product to attract visitors to Dominica.

President of the NCCU, Michael Augustine, has confirmed that over $70,000 has been invested in this year’s competition and feels “such a large investment deserves investments from the competitors themselves”.

A loan facility, he said, will be made available for persons wishing to compete in next year’s competition. These funds will go towards recording fees among other billed undertakings.

According to Mr. Augustine, a significant drop in registration this year was realized and so the NCCU is seeking to expand the event.

Twenty-five artistes registered for the show, of which 20 had been previously selected to perform in the finals.

The grand prize for the competition is $15,000 and will take place on October 19th at the Newtown Savannah.


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