Calibishie Global Environment Facility Program Officially Launched

Parliamentary Representative of Calibishie, Honorable Matthew Walter

The formal launching of Calibishie Golden Age Group (C.G.A.G) Environment Conservation Project was held on Sunday, December 2nd, at the Calibishie Resource Center.

The project name is entitled “conserving biodiversity and enabling climate change resilience in the coastal village of Calibishie, with traditional practices including planting of wedges for fencing using selected species.

Coordinator Mrs. Virginia Peters says with a population of 1,020 in the community, 150 people falls under the term “senior citizen”.

Mrs. Peters also added that many elderly people in Calibishie are healthy.

On February the 20th, 2010, the group was formed with a membership of 45 people.

Coordinator, Mrs. Virginia Peter

Mrs. Peters added that their objectives are countless. They provide social support for each other.

Parliamentary Representative of the village Honorable Matthew Walter says he applauds this Golden Age Group.

He also complemented the elderly for taking on the project of tree planting although some people may criticize.

Mr. Walter says that they are trying to create a habitat for the wildlife.




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