Calibishie Men Robbed at Gun Point

robbedTwo men are being questioned by police, following two seperate robberies in the village of Calibishie over the weekend.

Police Public Relations Officer, Inspector John Carbon, informed that mobile phones were stolen amounting to $7, 000.

On Saturday, September 20,  Chairman of the Calibishie Village Council, John Peter,  and Augustine Lawrence, a contractor of a road project in the community, were in a house packaging money to pay workers when two masked men entered armed with a gun and a cutlass.

The men grabbed the money and took the cell phones of both Peter and Lawrence before leaving.

While escaping the two culprits met Anita Joseph on the public road and apparently not satisfied with their loot, robbed her of a cell phone at gunpoint.

Anyone with information about this crime or any other incident is asked to call the police hint line at 1800-4468 or Crime Stoppers on 1800-8477.


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