Calibishie resident pleads guilty to six offenses

Nick George of Calibishie pleaded guilty to six offenses, battery, making use of threatening language in a public area, stating, “I just killing one of all you police,” obstructing police while executing their duties, refusing to give his name to the police when lawfully requested to do so, resisting police while they were executing their duties and conducting himself in a disorderly manner to disturb the neighborhood.


According to the facts of the matter, George interrupted the police officers while they were executing their duties, by asking questions, in an effort to seek information from the police.

When the police officers asked George to step away, George replied, using the ‘F’ word, “I just killing all of all you.”


As the police attempt to seize George, he swung his arm and punched one of the officers on the left side of his abdomen and refused to give his name when the police officers asked for it.


In the defendants box, George said the reason why he behaved the way he did, was because he asked the police officer a question and the police officer cursed him, so he cursed the officer back.


Magistrate Candia George informed George that he should let the officers do their job, and if he did he would not have been in this situation today.


On the charges of battery and disorderly conduct, he was charged $500.00 each, to be paid by February 28th  2011 and April 30th  2011 respectively or in default two months imprisonment and $1000.00  to be paid by march 31st 2011 or in default  three months imprisonment on the charge of threat.

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