Call for Separate Ministry for Tourism

Parliamentary Representative for Roseau Central, Mr. Norris Prevost

Parliamentary Representative for Roseau Central Mr. Norris Prevost thinks that the Ministry of Tourism should be separated.

Mr. Prevost said since the offices responsible for attracting tourists have been closed, there has been a major decline in “Cruise Tourism” and “Stay over Tourism”.

He added that the other major factor is the decline in the Human Resource allocation to tourism.

Mr. Prevost stated that he is extremely concerned about the Tourism sector and he believes that necessary steps should be taken in order for the sector to survive.

He also thinks that Ministers may have too much work on their hands which may become problematic as well as overwhelming.

The Parliamentary Representative added that until these things happen, our Tourism Sector will decrease rapidly.

He says he does not want it to come to the point where we have to depend on “hand-outs” only.


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