Call for Women to Take Time Out for Themselves


The CEO of VFInc, Ms. Valda Henry

The CEO of VFInc, Ms. Valda Henry, is asking Caribbean women to take more time out for themselves.

This comes as the 5th Annual Caribbean Phenomenal Women’s Symposium is scheduled to take place in January, 2013.

She says women are the healers of the national and as such we need to take proper care of ourselves so that we can take care of others in return.

Over the years the Caribbean Phenomenal Women’s Symposium has grown from strength to strength and now more than ever they are asking women to take that day in January to re-energize themselves, to be able to take on the world.

Ms. Henry says there are numerous role models for women right here in the Caribbean, and if we were to only hear some of the stories of these women’s lives we would be very humbled.

This would also cause us to be more appreciative of life and live it with a greater zeal.

Ms. Henry urges women that when they do so much for their work places, children, elderly parents and grandparents, and still help in their communities; it is only natural to want some time for themselves and that ok.

She says during a three month period one should at least take three hours for themselves.

So nurture yourselves as women and be the best woman that you can be, for yourself, your family and your community.

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