Call Sounded for Students to Read More

Students Reading

A call has been sounded to all Dominican students to read more.

This call came from Parliamentary representative for the St. Joseph Constituency Honourable Kelvar Darroux.

Mr. Darroux was speaking at a book donation on Wednesday November 7thfrom a Diasporan foundation, who says reading on a greater scale will assist their academic performance and develop their critical thinking skills.

Parliamentary representative for the St. Joseph Constituency Honourable Kelvar Darroux

Mr. Darroux also urged the students to read the books and to take care of them, while acquiring the knowledge they harness.

Mr. Darroux said such foundations like the Eden and Emilia Baptist Memorial Foundation are very important to nation building with such valuable donations.

Father Herman Sharplis who received books for the St. Johns Academy which opened its doors in September in his Parish of Portsmouth, says such a significant donation in the school’s early stages is a good sign.

Father Herman Sharplis

 Father Sharplis joined the call for students to read, more stating that when reading there is a lot one can learn which will enlighten them.

He said through reading the students will expand their ability for critical thinking to become great thinkers and great philosophers which Dominican can benefit from tremendously.

Father Sharplis also added that students should spend more of their time reading to feed their minds rather than spending all their time on social networking sites.












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