Call to Make Carnival Part of the Tourism Product

Minister for Tourism, Honourable Ian Douglas

A call is being made to make Carnival part of the tourism product.

This came from the Minister for Tourism, Honourable Ian Douglas at the launching of Carnival on January 7th.

His vision is that our traditional costumes like the sensay, can be a preserved, by displaying them at the ports of entry into Dominica.

Events Director at the Dominica Festivals Committee made a call for the productive use of the carnival queen costumes.

Mr. Douglas says we should also seek to preserve these costumes because the builders put a lot of effort and money into making them.

He says carnival is not just for our personal enjoyment as Dominicans, but also for the visitors, and displaying carnival should be used as a way of luring more people into Dominica.

He says there needs to be the beginning of a collaborative effort as to how this can be achieved.


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