Callaloo for Dominica’s National Dish???

Boiled3According to Chief Cultural Officer, Mr. Raymond Lawrence, Callaloo has topped the choice for Dominica’s National Dish.

This conclusion resulted from four surveys, conducted by National Emblems Committee in collaboration with the Independence Committee and the Statistical Division.

Mr. Lawrence informed us that this choice is to be forwarded to cabinet for approval.

He said Callaloo was the favoured selection among Dominicans from the four surveys conducted.

A response and sanctioning from cabinet is expected soon.

Mr. Lawrence said, though it is not confirmed that Callaloo is the official National Dish, the Cultural Division has recommended it due to the response of Dominicans.


Chief Cultural Officer, Mr. Raymond Lawrence

The Chief Cultural Officer did confirm however, that the participation in choosing Dominica’s national dish has been going well.

“It is obvious that Dominicans prefer Callaloo as the national dish, he stated.”

Some of the choices included: callaloo, sancoche, broth, fig and saltfish, wild meats, smoked meats, fish, farine and pear amongst others.

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