Calling Of The Drums To Promote Young Talent

youth_development.jpgTalented young Dominicans will get an opportunity to showcase their talents at the Calling of the Drum 2012 Youth Explosion.


The show is organized by Mega/Omega Production in collaboration with the National Youth Council and will feature local young singers, dancers and models.


Rosalind Brown, the owner of Mega/Omega Productions says the organization is pleased to host this talent show as it seeks to promote young persons in Dominica.


7 models, 5 dance groups and 25 singers are to display their talents for the upcoming competition.


The winners will go on to perform with King Clico, an international reggae artist who comes from Dominican origins.


The singers will get to record in collaboration with King Clico and the dancers and model will feature in his videos.


The show will provide an avenue for the Dominican youth to receive international exposure as well as experience in the field.


The proceeds of the show will be distributed as donations to the National Youth Council, Youth Quake, the Dominica Association of Persons with Disabilities and the different schools on the island.


The Calling of the Drums 2012 Youth Explosion and talent search will be held at the Krazy Koconuts on Saturday May 5th at 6 PM.

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