Calling Of The Drums

Talented young Dominicans took to the stage at the Krazy Koconuts on May 6th to showcase their talents at the Calling of the Drum 2012 Youth Explosion.


krazykoconuts.jpgMiss Rosalind Brown, the owner of Mega/Omega Productions deemed the show a major success.


The show began with a call to order in the traditional African way with the sounding of the drums.


The show featured youth from the ages of 7 to those in their twenties. In a flurry of colours, children and teenagers took to the stage in creative and colorful costumes and face paint.


Others put on dance performances in the popular break dancing and b-boy style.


Local bands and artists performed different genres such as Dancehall, R’N’B, Reggae and Bouyon.


In line with their aim to promote music and young talent in Dominica, the participants were encouraged to do impromptu collaborations and free styles live on stage.


The proceeds of the show will be distributed as donations to the National Youth Council, Youth Quake, the Dominica Association of Persons with Disabilities and the different schools on the island.

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