Calls heighten for the establishment of a medical center for cancer patients in Dominica

One local group is calling for the establishment of a medical center in Dominica to provide services for persons living with cancer on the island.


Public Relations Officer of the Dominica Cancer Society, Father Franklyn Cuffy thinks that the establishment of such a facility will empower the many families that have been affected by cancer, the number one killer in Dominica.


The Dominica Cancer Society will be meeting on Thursday, October 21st for their annual general meeting, which will be held in accordance with Dominica’s 32nd independence celebrations theme, ‘celebrating opportunities, empowering communities.


Father Cuffy told us that among the many items that will be discussed at the AGM, is the election of a new board of directors.


The society is also saying a big thank you to the Royal Bank of Dominica who recently raised approximately $10,000 for the society after they coordinated a health walk.

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