Calypso Association Vice President Speaks On Plans to Move Forward

Vice President

Vice President of the DCA, Mr. Davidson Victor

Following the close of the 2013 Calypso season, Former Head of the Carnival Organizing Committee, Mr. Alwin Bully made a number of recommendations to the Dominica Calypso Association (DCA), for the improvement of Calypso in Dominica.

Vice President of the DCA, Mr. Davidson Victor, mentioned that the Association try their best in the promotion of Calypsos, hence the reason for shows throughout the Calypso season.

However the Calypsonians and their Management teams can do more to market their individual songs.

He also spoke on the lack of rules and regulations of the Association.

He says in future, the DCA will have a number of rules and regulations implemented, so all Calypsonians will be guided as to what they can and cannot do, during their performances at any Calypso competition.

Mr. Victor pointed out, the DCA’s Executive will meet very soon to seek other solutions to issues and concerns that were raised during the 2013 calypso season.

In responding to the DCA having its own website, where the Calypsonians songs, lyrics of their songs, their song writers and their identification will be published for all to have, Mr. Victor pointed out that this is a brilliant idea.

Although it may be costly in maintaining the website, he says this is one idea from Mr. Bully that the Association recognize, as it means taking advantage of in technology for development, which will also help in the exposure of the Calypsonians’ work.

Mr. Victor mentioned that DCA is in the process of setting up a directory for the Association, where anyone can call for information on a Calypsonian as it relates to Calypso.

The DCA’s Vice President also spoke on the concerns raised by the public, where certain Calypsonians were victimized by Judges for their political affiliation.

He added that, what the Association is able to do is give the Judges a score card with their criteria, which is the only thing they have to use to judge the Calypsonians.

As a form of respect and honesty to the DCA, he said the Judges should keep those guidelines on their scoring sheet, and not their personal motives and or influence, to do the job they are entrusted to do.

To ensure this is done, The DCA’s Vice President went on to say they will continue to host workshops for the Judges, to limit the issue of unfair judging, which is negative publicity for the DCA and the art form of Calypso.


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