Calypso Finals Draw

Calypso finals draw

Calypso Finals Draw

The calypso finalists dipped today February 7th, 2013 for their respective numbers in which they will be performing at the Calypso show on Saturday 10th 2013.

The Calypsonians will be performing in the following order. Dice, Rass Kelly, Elektra, Karessah, Ghetto Prince, Web, De Rose, Daddy Chess, Black Diamond and Bob.

This is how the Calypsonians chose their respective positions.

Mr. Kelly Williams, President of the Calypso Association in his opening statement, thanked Lime and Heineken for their continuous support towards calypso over the years.

He also gave recognition to the Calypsonians and said that they have been playing a great part in Calypso.

Mr. Williams further added Calypso has grown significantly over the years and urged the calypsonians to make our people proud on the night of the show.

Mrs. Giselle Francis Allenza, a representative of Lime, said that LIME recognizes its importance in Carnival.

She listed many of the events that Lime participated in namely Show down Mass Camp, Miss Teen pageant, Miss plus Size and T shirt Band.

Lime in collaboration with Coca gave each Calypsonian tokens for their continuous contribution to Calypso.

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