Calypso King, Dice Releases Second Song

dice2Six time Calypso King, Dennison ‘Dice’ Joseph, has released his second song for the 2014 Calypso competition.

Some persons claim that the song is somewhat of an essay and a bit wordy.

The entertainer agreed with that sentiment, however noted that his song covers more ground than just Dominica.

“That song is not really a local kind of song, it’s like a regional song, it’s something you would get in a history book…” he said.

He said, often the ‘greater nations’ recognize the Caribbean as an investment or properties to be sold and hopes that Caribbean leaders do not sell out.

The quality of the song was also up for debate.

Persons challenged the King to sing acapella to prove that he is still able to stand a chance at the crown, some notably saying that Dice has had it long enough.

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