Calypso Quarter Finals

Leona Peters

Leona Peters

Twenty of thirty two calypsonians have advanced into the Dominica Calypso Association’s Semi Finals, after participating in the Quarter Finals on Saturday February 1st at the Newtown Savannah.

The lucky twenty include Leona, Chris B, The Webb, Beetle J, Observer, The Wave, Bobb, Hunter, Black Diamond, Picky, Lugas, Boople, Jamma B, Daddy Chess, Young Bull, Beno, Checker, Jaydee, Sye and Explosion.

Leona Peters is the only female who advanced into the semifinal round with her song titled, ‘Baby Machine’.

The twenty will compete in the Semi Finals round on Saturday, February 15, where only twelve will make it through to the final competition and compete against the reigning Calypso Monarch King, Dice.

Competitors who made it through in last year’s competition but failed to remain up to par this year included; The Ghost, Checko, Trendsetter and Man Himself.

Other quarter finals participants included; Lady Star, Triumph, Ras Kelly, Checko, Sugar S and Alisha.





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