Calypso Rose visits Dominica


The vibrant Mcartha Linda Sandy-Lewis better known as Calypso Rose out of Trinidad and Tobago took time out to deep in the sea and dine at the Kubuli Bar near the Goodwill Highway where she spread joy and laughter to all Dominicans who were around her. While speaking to SAT TV News on Tuesday November 2nd 2010, Mrs Lewis said that is proud to have paved the way for the many other female Calypsonians which exist today.


She said, “when I started singing calypso, the competition was called the Calypso King Competition however when I won the crown, they immediately changed it to Calypso Monarch.”


Rose said that she is quiet dissatisfied with the direction in which calypso is heading in this present time.


“Now, we have calypso soca, calypso reggae, calypso hip hop and these changes are killing the calypso genre completely,” said Calypso Rose.


Calypso Rose who has been in the calypso arena for many years shared a few words of advice to the young and upcoming calypsonians.


“Use your cranium because there are so many topics that you can sing out.” said Rose.

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