Calypso Show Orgnized for Calypsonians who did not Make it to the Finals


Organizer of the event, Mr. Charu Jefferson Winston

With an intense Calypso semi-final   hosted on Saturday January 26th, the public are in controversy with the nine calypsonians that advanced to the finals. A Calypso Show is therefore carded for February 16th, to please the public.

Organizer of the event Mr. Charu Jefferson Winston, says there are many calypsonians who were fairly good and the public wanted to see them make it, including the three young ladies. Hence the reason for the name of the show, “The People’s Controversial Calypso Show”.

Mr. Winston said the quality of the songs and performances are incredible this year and many of those who did not make it will be given another opportunity to prove themselves.

In regards to the staging of the show, Mr. Winston says they are not trying and will not be competing with the original Calypso Show.

He stated that he wants the Dominica Calypso Association to endorse their initiative. He added that the plan is to have all the carnival event winners at the show, and showcased as royalty in a particular section.

The purpose of this event is to create another avenue for Calypso, gifted writers and talented calypsonians. He explained that because they did not meet the judges’ standards in the semi-finals, does not mean that they are not able.

He says because of the funding presently, the winner will receive $5000 and a top quality crown however, the crown remains with the organisers.

As there is still more to be done and contracts to be sign, a venue and time have not yet been chosen

Soon, the show will be advertised on radio stations with the time, venue and tickets prices.



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