Calypsonian Checko served with warning letter

New comer in the finals of the 2012 calypso competition, police officer Abel Jno Baptiste, aka Checko, was on February 8th, 2012, served with a warning letter from the attorney of, Bolivarian republic ambassador dr. Philbert Aaron, in relation to Checko’s song “bug.”

The letter to Mr. Jno Baptiste states, and i quote; “your said song quite clearly makes reference to our client, by the description as well as, by the use of his office and initials, ‘ambassador a’ and further that you allege therein that he ‘bug her,” end quote.

The letter went on to say, and i quote, “this an obvious innuendo, understood by the average reasonable Dominican to mean, that you are stating that my client is engaged in buggery,” end quote.

The warning letter to Mr. Jno Baptiste also says, “such defamation of character may not only expose you to civil liability, but to criminal prosecution as well, a fact that must be well aware of given your profession.”

However in an exclusive interview with sat TV, Mr. Jno Baptiste says, he did not mention anyone’s name in his song, so he does not see any reason for this warning letter.

Mr. Jno Baptiste says, the concept of his song is no way related to, anything to do with homosexuality, but only invasion of privacy.

He went on to say that, regardless of this warning letter, after seeking advice from his lawyers, he will continue to perform his song, ‘bug.’

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