Calypsonian Sye Disappointed at no Calypso at the 16th World Creole Music Festival

Calypsonian Murphy “Sye” Jno. Jules

Calypsonian Murphy “Sye” Jno. Jules says he was very disappointed when he saw the final line up for the 16th Annual World Creole Music Festival and Calypsonians were excluded.

Mr. Jno Jules pointed that it is important that Calypso is included in the lineup of the World Creole Music Festival each and every year.

He said this is our music which is part of our culture and it needs to be showcased in all ways possible seeing that the World Creole Music Festival’s stage is one of the best ways to do so.

Mr. Jno Jules stated that the local bands have received exposure and promotion at the festival and therefore calypso should receive the same.

However Sye did get some exposure at the festival with the Fanatik Band which he is a member of.

He performed at the festival which certainly entertained the crowd.

The band also played back up music and vocals for two regional artistes; Fredo of the Seventeen Plus of the United States Virgin Islands and Onyan from Antigua, at the festival on Saturday night.

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