Campaign Urges Saudi Chicken Boycott over Price Rises

People in Saudi Arabia are using social media websites to protest against a sudden increase in the cost of chicken.

A Twitter campaign entitled “Let it Rot” is urging residents to punish traders, who it says have raised prices by as much as 40% in the past two weeks, by not eating chicken.

Saudis regularly use social media to express their discontent in a country where political parties, unions and protests are banned.

The government has imposed a chicken export ban in a bid to boost supplies, However, there are fears that this could cause regional shortages as the Gulf Kingdom is a leading producer.

Saudi Agriculture Minister Fahd Balghunaim said that the rising cost of chicken was the result of a major shortfall in production, with local suppliers able to meet only 45% of the demand in the kingdom.

He also blamed a 30-40% increase in the price of animal feed.

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