Campbell Primary School to Implement Major Changes This Academic Year

The Campbell Primary School will welcome major changes this academic year.

During the last school year, students, parents and staff of the Campbell Primary School met with education officials, to develop a school development plan.

Mrs. Margaret Jules-Royer, Education Officer for the West, says some of the needs were looked at, and key areas included agriculture, the enhancement of the school feeding program and the ICT program.

They also want to enhance Literacy and Numeracy, and the introduction of the Early Childhood Education Program.

The Government believes there needs to be a holistic view of Education.

Parliamentary Representative for the Mahaut Constituency, Honourable Rayburn Blackmoore, says all level of Education, with regards to the entire person needs to be addressed.

According to the Education Minister, Honourable Petter St. Jean, it has been the norm in Campbell that the more affluent families would take their children into Mahaut or Roseau and the less fortunate ones did not have access to an early childhood facility.

All these improvements are made possible by a donation of $27, 000 from the Chinese Business Community.

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