Can The Average Dominican Afford Christmas Today?


Businesses all around Roseau are complaining about the steady decline of sales, especially during the Christmas season.


It can be noted that the average ham or turkey costs at least $110.00. Shoppers everywhere are complaining, and the already sparse crowd is reverting to window shopping.


Apart from decline in sales, it can also be noted that less money is being spent on Christmas lights as the cost of electricity proves unmanageable as the viewpoint of many.


The majority seem to be asking, ‘Can the average Dominican afford Christmas today?’


Returning Dominican, David Louis who lived in England for forty-three years says he cannot believe the cost of goods at various supermarkets throughout Roseau.


He claims that where he would need a trolley to carry his shopping using fifty pounds in England, he would only walk out with two plastic bags for that same amount of money at a Dominican supermarket.


Taking another stance on the story, Hendryckes Williams of Delice says the Christmas Season is not about spending; instead we should focus on the true meaning, the coming of Jesus. He says people should be satisfied with what they have and spend according to their means.

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