Canadian Teacher Federation to assist the Dominica Association of Teachers

The Dominica Association of Teachers (DAT), Canadian Teachers Federations and the Ministry of Education held an opening ceremony for a teachers’ summer workshop, on Monday July 12th at the Convent High School auditorium. Canadian Teachers Federation representative, Ms Fernanda Ferrera said that it has been a privilege to work together with the Dominica tutors and expressed gratitude for the warm greeting that she received on the island.


“Today we are here because we share a common purpose. We have the desire to pave a better future for our children. We have the opportunity to do this every day in classrooms and in our schools. As teachers, we share this privilege and this great responsibility for there is no other profession that impacts the lives of so many people. Over the next few days we look forward to sharing our knowledge, skills and resources with the teachers of Dominica. We are here to serve you in the best way that we can,” said Ferrera.


Honourable Petter Saint-Jean, Minister of Education commended the Canadian teachers for partnering with (DAT)  and mentioned that this partnership will ensure that the teachers get the professional development that will aid in improving the delivery of education of  Dominican teachers on the island.


“Many of our students are not really academically inclined and many of our students have been falling through the cracks but, an initiative like this one will give students the opportunity to prove and demonstrate their worth as far as education is concerned. Secondly, education is so dynamic and the entire Caribbean is moving towards unity not only political unity but economic unity as well. Our people must be able to fit with the Caribbean and the global market,” said Saint-Jean.


President of DAT, Celia Nicholas said that although DAT had been asked to become the center point for the eastern Caribbean, the organization is not yet ready to take on this task as it does not have the sufficient work force.


“We cannot take this task on as yet because we do not have the full-time staff at the association office only if the minister and chief are willing to give 2 or 3 officers to the program,” said Nicholas.

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