Cancer treatment society to come for Dominica

Focus was placed on prostate cancer at a press conference held by the Dominica cancer society on Friday 7th of October, 2011 in recognition of cancer awareness month.


The President of the society Mr. Vinna Royer made reference of the wish of a past member and cancer patient for the cancer society to be taken more seriously.


Nurse Helen Royer told the members of the society that even before addressing why men should get tested, especially for prostate cancer we need to find out why they do not access screening services, especially that of cancer.


The majority of the men that only seek medical attention when they have already become really sick were urged to take responsibility and protect themselves and their families.


Minister of Health Honorable Julius Timothy gave hope to cancer patients when he revealed that they were to look forward to the development of a cancer treatment center in the new design of the hospital in Dominica.


The Dominica cancer society was established in 1991 and relaunched four years ago.


Their mission is to promote the prevention and management of cancer and to provide support for those living with cancer.

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