Canefield East Squatter Evicted!

GDSC_6335_copy-crop-box.jpg.1678x1037_q85_crop-smart_upscalelenworth Nicholas a Canefield East squatter has been evicted with immediate effect from state land.

Nicholas’ eviction comes after the Director of Land and Survey filed a charge of entering unlawful occupation of state land from April 2014 against him, at a Magistrate court on Friday 16th May 2014.

The defendant who pleaded guilty to the charge explained to Magistrate Bernard Pacquette that he had only received a notice for evacuation two weeks ago, but he had nowhere to put the house and therefore he ignored that notice.

That statement was however disputed by state attorney within the office of the Attorney General, Tamika Hyacinth who informed the court that the defendant was in fact given notice since January 2014 before commencement of construction of his house.

Magistrate Pacquette informed the defended that an order will be prepared, giving the Director of Land and Survey possession of the land and ordered Nicholas to evacuate the premises with immediate effect.

Nicholas was warned that if he attempts to obstruct the process of eviction, power of arrest will be placed in the hands of that person carrying out the eviction notice.


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