Cannabis User Says “it was just to smoke” to Magistrate


23 year old Brendon Webster of Bath Estate could consider himself lucky being a first time offender, as he faced Roseau Magistrate Evelina Baptiste, when he appeared for a possession of cannabis charge on Monday April 8th to which he pled guilty.

According to the facts of the case a search warrant was executed on the home of Mr. Webster at approximately 6:00 am on Friday April 5th.

During the search of his bedroom, a clear plastic bag was found in the right pocket of his jeans containing what appeared to be cannabis.

When questioned by the officer, Mr. Webster replied and I quote, “officer a little marijuana I have to smoke, give me a chance please,” end quote. He was cautioned and arrested.

The substance later tested positive for two grams of cannabis.

In mitigation he stated he is self employed as a mechanic.

Magistrate Baptiste advised Mr. Webster that he should not have cannabis as it is illegal.

He was fined $750 to be paid by August 31st 2013 or in default sentenced to four months imprisonment.

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