Car Wash Geared at Raising Funds for the Children


Cork Street: Car wash in progress

The Child Fund Caribbean, on Saturday August 31st, held a car wash to raise funds for children, particularly those who are less fortunate.

This thoughtful event took place from 10: am to 3:00 pm on Cockstreet, Roseau. Prices included $15 for Exterior and $25 for Interior.

Mr. Dulval Martinez, Current Director of ChildFund Caribben Office, says this was a staff initiative to come together to help the children.

Mr. Martinez informed us, that the organization supports 7, 000 children including Dominicans and Vincentians.

He said during the secondary school year, they work with and support the student councils.

They also work hand in hand with the Ministry of Education, to assist the children during the school year.

Other institutions include: the Ministry of Health and Social Wealth Care.


Mr. Dulval Martinez, Current Director of ChildFund Caribben Office

This was the first car wash held, amongst many other upcoming activities.

There was no specific cash target for the car wash.

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