Carbon apologizes to various Government Officials


Mr. Augustine Carbon, Captain of Motor Vessel MV. Ruby Elaine registered in St. Vincent which is seized in Venezuela, wishes to apologize to all those who were affected and thank everyone who wished them well and helped in one way or another.


Carbon is expected to return to Venezuela soon, in an effort to bring some closure to the matter, by paying out his outstanding bills, and ensuring that the boat and crew return home safely.


Both Carbon and his sister had spoken about the incident on one of Dominica’s prominent radio talk show, Matt in the Morning in an effort to get the much-needed assistance. Unfortunately, their action brought about great publicity and in turn a bad name to several agencies, such as the Government of Dominica, the Venezuelan Embassy in Dominica and the Government of Venezuela.


In light of this, Mr. Carbon wishes to apologize to the aforementioned agencies as he seeks to clarify the matter. He said that they were never held as hostage and that the Government of Venezuela treated them fairly, since while in Venezuela, a private company had towed the boat to port and repaired the engine while the Harbor Master provided them with free food and water.


However, Carbon is now soliciting the public’s assistance in an effort to meet the cost incurred.

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