Career Day

preschool career day.jpgAs part of a month of activities, the preschoolers of Petite Soufriere to Carib Territory are having their Career Day.


Alicia Wiltshire, Sponsor Relations Officer for the East Dominica Childrens Federation, who are partners with Child Fund Caribbean, is delighted to see the preschoolers enthusiasm for the occasion.


Honourable Johnson Drigo, Parliamentary Representative for the Castle Bruce Constituency, says that children of today should feel privileged to persue whatever career they desire, because it is a lot easier to do so today.


He says that all teachers on the island are equally equipped to assist the students, therefore parents should not feel that certain children are more privileged than others.


Teacher at the Castle Bruce Social Center, Angelica Gasper, says that now is the time for teachers as well as parents to nurture the young ones, so that their dreams of becoming respectable people in society will be fulfilled.


The preschoolers were dressed as firemen, nurses, doctors, teachers, and carpenter among others.

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