Carib Chief Speaks on HIV & AIDS

AIDSKalinago Chief, Mr. Garnet Joseph has warned against contracting HIV & AIDS and other sexually transmitted disease.

According to Mr. Joseph we must safe guard ourselves from lifestyles that can be disastrous to our health.





Kalinago Chief, Mr. Garnet Joseph

Kalinago Chief, Mr. Garnet Joseph

“We have to be mindful of lifestyles that can be disastrous to our health in the form of chronic non-communicable diseases, HIV and AIDS and other sexual transmitted diseases; abuse of alcohol and drugs.”

He says we must consider ways to lessen our contribution to the destruction of our natural environment and global warming; noting that what Christopher Columbus could not do in 500 years, HIV and AIDS can do in 10 years.








He noted also that the Kalinago people contributed significantly to the environment by holding back colonization of Dominica for over 200 years after every other Island in the region had been colonized.

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