Caricom called upon to formulate a strategic plan to improve water storage capacity in the region


Local Environmentalist Mr. Atherton Martin is expressing dissatisfaction with the level of attention that was given to World Water Day, yesterday.


Tuesday March 22nd was designated by the United Nations as World Water Day, a day when the world is called upon to pay special attention not just to the importance but the mismanagement of this vital resource.


Mr. Martin says the day created an opportunity for Dominicans to remind themselves of how fortunate they are to be living on an island that is filled with a lot of water resources.


However, he says it is up to them to pay attention as to how they are managing or mismanaging such a valuable resource.


He says it is rather unfortunate that while governments continue to construct storage tanks for gasoline and air fuel, they have failed to construct water storage tanks in their respective countries.


The Environmentalist believes that a strategic plan should be formulated by the heads of Caricom member states to improve the water storage capacity in the region, so that countries such as Dominica, Belize and Guyana who have water in abundance can share this vital resource with the rest of the region.

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