CARICOM Youth Ambassador Returns from Two-Week Internship


CARICOM Youth Ambassador, Ms. Natasha Jervier

CARICOM Youth Ambassador Ms. Natasha Jervier, has returned from her two- week internship at the CARICOM Secretariat in Guyana.

Ms. Jervier says the main purpose of the internship was for the CARICOM Youth Ambassadors, as four persons were chosen from various Islands to learn how the secretariat operates, the operations of CARICOM and what CARICOM entails in detail.

She says one of her duties as a Youth Ambassador is to promote CARICOM throughout her Island and she believes that she is now better equipped to assist students from different schools with information pertaining to CARICOM.

“This also applies to the elderly who needs information about CARICOM,” she added.

Ms. Jervier says CARICOM can be seen as the bigger voice to represent Dominica and it is essential to educate the youth on that topic.

She also informed us that there is an outgoing and an incoming Dean. The incoming Dean has not been made official as yet, however she is expected to be appointed in September.

One of Ms. Jervier’s main role is to represent the youth and to help them to understand how CARICOM can benefit them. She says the youth in Guyana is similar to the youth here in Dominica.

Ms. Jervier says, her next step is to begin championing the health causes especially among the youth.Caricom Youth Ambassador Returns From Two-Week Internship

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