CARICOM Youth Ambassador Speaks on Upcoming Events

CARICOM Youth Ambassador, Ms. Natasha Xervier

In June 2012, Ms. Natasha Xervier was inducted officially as the CARICOM Youth Ambassador. Ms. Xervier says this is a very important position that entails many responsibilities.

She also received her certificate in Suriname along with other documents of induction.

She says the main objective of the events and activities held, are to create awareness and to find ways to curb the problems.

The CARICOM Youth Ambassador added that one of their new objectives, is to find out what the role of the young people are in terms of managing and stopping common issues, such as violence against women and girls.

Ms. Xervier believes events such as these are beneficial for the youth.

She informed SAT News that Orange Day which is supposed to be held on the 25h of this month, but because it would have fallen on a Sunday, has been moved to Saturday 24th.

Ms. Xervier says the group is open to the public.

If anyone feels that they want to be part of these awareness activities and make a difference, they should not hesitate.

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