CARIMAN father’s day celebration

Fathers are being urged to be active role models in society, as it is essential to also create strong bonds with their children to raise them the proper way, so they in turn will walk on the straight path of life.

This message came from President of Cariman, Mr. Thomas Holmes, at a Father’s Day activity held on Friday June 15th, at the Public Service Union.

Mr. Holmes stated that a young man needs to be held accountable for his actions.

Mr. Holmes says that it is very important that, men show leadership skills to work hand in hand with women to build a positive society, and secure a better future for the leaders of tomorrow.

Six fathers were honoured at the event and given food hampers, which included; Mr. Dorian Pacquette, Mr. Romain Roberts, Mr. Bonti Liverpool, and Mr. Jerome Robinson amongst others.

Mr. Dorian Pacquette who is an entrepreneur from the community of Mahaut who rides in Canefield says, even when you are separated from the mother of your children life goes on.

Mr. Pacquette went on to say that all men need to play their roles as fathers in the best way they can.

Mr. Romain Roberts who is a Tailor from Mahaut and has six children, says he went through a life’s struggle and being in prison taught him a lot of things, such as the profession he currently is doing now.

He says that he will never forget how instrumental Mr. Algernan Charter, was to his growth and development in prison, seeing he came out a new man.

The other fathers also gave their testimonies on their life’s struggle, while advising the young people on the importance of following the right path in life and making God always present in their life.

The fathers and other persons present played dominos and other games, and the event came to a close with a performance by the Legacy Band which is made up a students from the Goodwill Secondary School.

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