CARIMAN Hosts Gender Equality and Elimination of Violence Workshop

Men as Partners for Gender Equality and the Elimination of Violence against Women

In order to transform communities and create sustainable culture or peace, the opening of “Men as partners for Gender Equality and the Elimination of Violence against Women” workshop was held on Tuesday October 30th.

The meeting aimed to support UN Women’s continued efforts and commitment to engage with men as partners in the achievement of gender equality.

It will bring together male advocates for gender equality and men engaged in social justice work within the Caribbean region.

She welcomed those visiting Dominica and said this is a very timely moment for us due to our Independence Celebration.

President or CARIMAN Regional Mr. Peter Weller says, CARIMAN Dominica has been the most exemplary group within CARIMAN.

Participants at the Gender Equality Workshop

Mr. Weller added that CARIMAN began due to a press conference that took place in Jamaica in 2006.

UN Women Representative Ms. Gabriel Henderson says Caribbean societies are the most violent with murder rates higher than any other region of the world.


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