CARIMAN Recognizes Five Fathers

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(left) Steven Dangleben

Most persons will agree that the role of a father is of great significance to the upbringing of a child and the maintenance of order in the home.

And although men are often criticized for their lack of involvement in family matters, one day is set aside each year to recognize all the fathers who still play their part.

Roy Michael Proctor, Steven Dangleben, Miguel Dublin, Bonti Liverpool and Wadsworth Charles, were all recognized for their outstanding roles in the community by the Caribbean Action Male Network (CariMAN).

During the father’s day ceremony on Saturday June 14th, Phillip Carlisle, a member of CaiMAN stressed that it is unfortunate that most fathers do not take up their role in society and pleaded with the fathers to recognize the importance of their role in society.

“The recognition is not just to hand you a gift but to make you understand and realize the importance of your role in society”, he told the recipients.

CariMAN hopes that the organization can help change this unfortunate trend and help men stand as effective role models in society.

(left) Bonti Liverpool

(left) Bonti Liverpool

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(left) Miguel Dublin

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(left) Roy Michael Proctor

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(left)Wadsworth Charles

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