CariMAN Seeks Gender Justice for Men in Society


Thomas Holmes, President

CariMAN is an organization, aimed at engaging Caribbean men in the analysis of existing beliefs and norms in society.

At a press conference on Monday May 3rd, the Caribbean Male Action Network (CariMAN) celebrated their 2nd Anniversary under the theme: “Men Collaborating to Promote Gender Equality”.

A week of activities will be held to commemorate the anniversary celebrations.

The President of the Organization, Mr. Thomas Holmes in his address at the press conference, gave more insight into the organization’s plan.

Mr. Holmes said that cariMAN respects the views, opinions, habits and lifestyle of all individuals and groups as it promotes tolerance.

While it is a fact that women are usually the victim in gender based violence and men are normally the perpetrators, we have to accept that the rights of many males are violated.Men-for-a-diff-347x176

The President of the organization is calling for a male desk in Dominica where men and boys can go for moral and emotional support.

The vision of cariMAN is to partner with women to create a just world where people achieve their fullest potential.

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