Carnival 2014 Ends With Tewey Vaval

Persons carrying a casket for Tewey Vaval

Persons carrying a casket for Tewey Vaval

The people of the Kalinago Territory officially put an end to Carnival 2014 celebration with the traditional observation of Tewey Vaval.

A large crowd of people from the Kalinago Territory and environs filled the streets of Bataca on the evening of Wednesday March 5th for this special event which signals the end of Carnival.

Fire was set ablaze and all remaining costumes and other irrelevant Carnival gear were placed into the fire, before the crowd returned home.

Organizer of the Kalinago Carnival Organizing Committee, Mr. Prosper Paris noted that Tewey Vaval is putting the Carnival spirit to bed for the following year – an event which is observed annually.


Patrons burning Carnival costumes

Patrons burning Carnival costumes

He noted, this event, although adopted from the French culture, is very important to the Kalinago people, as it serves as an avenue to attract persons to the Territory.

In its initial stages, the celebration was low key but throughout the years it has developed into a main stream event in that part of Dominica.

Mr. Paris added, improvement in the activity will continue as long as peace is maintained during the events of Leve Vaval and Tewey Vaval.

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