Carnival Corner Launches Carnival 2013 Costumes


Public Relations Officer of the band, Mr. Emmanuel Lo Black

One of the oldest carnival bands in Dominica, the Carnival Corner is pleased to announce the launch of its 2013 costume band.

Public Relations Officer of the band, Mr. Emmanuel Lo Black, which has been in existence from 1993, started playing traditional mas with the sensay and sou swel souwi.

However from 1996 they transitioned to the costume bands.

On Monday February 11th they will play traditional mas, while on Tuesday February 12th they will be in costume.

There are three sections to the band, adults, sexy girls and males, they will be under the command of the King and Queen.

Mr. Loblack pointed out that the economy is tough on everyone’s pockets so the price is only $300.00 per costume.

With that patrons will be purchasing a package which includes your costume for Carnival Monday and Tuesday morning and a t-shirt for the t-shirt segment in the afternoon on Tuesday.

The band will also provide drinks and eats for all registered persons.

The Public Relations Officer of the band mentioned with Carnival Corner, it is not just a band, it is a family so all feel welcomed.


designs for this year

He said that in making funds circulate in the local economy, all their costumes are made locally, which is also a way for local designers to express themselves.

However he said since they had to import the material from Trinidad, the Value Added Tax (VAT) put a big dent in their budget, although they obtained Duty Free Concessions.

He went on to say the band has been playing a critical role in the development of Dominica’s Carnival and will continue to do so.

  • Trish

    Where can someone living overseas who’s planning to come home for carnival find more information about this band and other bands?

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