Carnival Development Committee still seeking sponsorship for carnival events

Although the organizers of the 2011 Real Mas celebrations are describing the ongoing carnival season as satisfactory, there is still one aspect they say needs serious attention: sponsorship.


Chairman of the carnival development committee Mr. Alwin Bully made the disclosure at the DFC’s weekly press conference, stating that organizers are still seeking sponsorship for a number of upcoming events.


He says while they are grateful to all the sponsors who are already made a contribution, there is still a need for more corporate entities to combine their resources in making the Real Mas a success.


Bully says the Carnival Development Committee is also joining with the Dominica Police Force in advocating for a peaceful and incident-free carnival.


He says Dominica is widely known for having the safest carnival, a reputation that should be guarded.


He called on the various band leaders as well as fans to be peace activists during the carnival season.


He also encouraged revelers and carnival enthusiasts to be each other’s keeper, while promoting peace among the festivities at all times.


At the DFC’s weekly press conference on Wednesday, February 23rd, officials from both Triple Kay Global and the WCK Band publicly pledged to put their differences aside and promote peace for the Real Mas 2K11 in Dominica.

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