Carnival Fire Launches Exhibition to Celebrate 30th Anniversary

Dominican agronomist Mr. Atherton Martin

Dominican agronomist, Mr. Atherton Martin

Dominican agronomist Mr. Atherton Martin, launched the Carnival Fire Exhibition as part of their 30th anniversary celebration. Mr. Martin said, this is the first time that the three victims from the Carnival Fire, is sitting next to each other in the same room.

He commended the victims for participating in the event as well as sharing their thoughts and memories despite how difficult it was for them.

Mr. Martin comforted the victims as he told them, this is something that never goes away. “For the first few days of the incident, we were all in a daze,” he added.

He remembered that he had just turned 17 IN December and the incident occurred in February, 2 months later.  Mr. Martin recalled observing the pressure that his Father was under at the time and was only able to speak to him about it years later.

Mr. Martin said at that point, he did not understand that the people were literally on fire, he only saw it as “just fire” at the time. He says he remembers the pain and the cries of the people on fire and it was the most painful and disturbing experience for him.

‘Those who have lost a parent, love one and friend, are extremely strong people, to handle this kind of pain’ he said.

He added, as he looks at how things have unfolded in Dominica over the years, he sees a growing tendency for us to sweep things under the carpet when we as a people need to learn to OWN UP, and speak!





  • DA2NYC

    I think the word should be ‘Commemorate’ and NOT ‘Celebrate.’

    It was a tragic event. It’s not to be celebrated.

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