Carnival Monday, Tuesday and J’ouvert

The streets of Roseau were lined with Dominicans and visitors, as they were all present for the staging of the, carnival Monday parade on the 20th of February.

The parade kicked off with a band, from the Kalinago territory, where a number of the patrons in the band, were dressed in grass skirts and were closely followed by the Sensay.

Some of the other bands were the carnival corner, the black devils from the village of good hope, the St. Luke primary school, who were promoting health and wellness, drug awareness and education among others.

The students of the Castle Bruce secondary school, got a workout as they were engaged by Charlene Davis, of the Fanatik band who came into the band to join in the action.

The action kicked into high gear, when the t-shirt bands came out in full force such as the wck band, the fanatic band, the triple Kay band and the swinging stars band.

Although some of the bands came out later than expected, they all had large crowds of patrons, following to enjoy the music they played.

The fans of the WCK band got a special treat, when they were graced with the presence of Claudette peters of Antigua, and danced to sounds such as, ‘get busy,’ ‘same way,’ and ’balance batty.’

The triple kay band also had a large crowd, while their followers danced to songs such as, ‘milkshake,’ and ’carnival’

Meanwhile the action continued on Tuesday, with the official parade which had a number of costume bands, which added an extra flavor to the parade, as many of the costumes were brightly coloured.

The patrons also got the opportunity, to meet with the winners, and runner ups of the various shows, where they were parading and waving to the crowd.

Many Dominicans also got the chance, to express their creativity as a number of persons, came out in costumes for J’ouvert morning.

Some persons were dressed as super heroes, while others were dressed as nurses and construction workers.

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