Carnival Officially Opens

p2080289On Saturday February 8th the Opening Day Parade for Carnival 2014 kicked off with a tremendous show of support by spectators and a procession of colours and traditional costumes.

The event began at the Pottersville Savannah and concluded at the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard on the Bay Front.

The reigning Carnival King and Queen led the parade, followed by this year’s contenders of various pageants.

The traditional masquerade groups like the Sensei’s, Flag Wavers, Bwa Bwas, and HiFi bands set a high standard for the upcoming Carnival activities.

After the parade, onlookers gathered at the Bay Front to hear the official speeches and enjoy displays by the various groups.

It was evident that a lot of work and thought had been put into the preparation and execution of this memorable event.

Dominicans and visitors alike now look forward to the rest of the Carnival activities.



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