Carnival Prize Giving Ceremony OfCarnival Prize Giving Ceremony Officially Heldficially Held


Carnival Prize Giving Ceremony Officially Held

Carnival 2013 Prize Giving Ceremony was held on Wednesday July 17th at the Arawak House of Culture as a symbol of appreciation by the Carnival Committee and other private sectors that contributed to its success.

Awards were given to various bands and groups including the ‘Super Heroes A’ team who was awarded Best Costume group.

A tribute was paid to Grandbay local, Mr. Samuel ‘Key’ Blaize, who was the Manager of the ‘Sakis’ group.

Honourable Ian Douglas, Minister for Tourism and Legal Affairs, also highlighted the importance of Carnival activities, as it relates to the development of Dominica; activities including the rivalry between the Tents as well as the Lagoon Street Jam.

Carnival is a time when everyone temporarily sets aside their differences; however, he said, a way should be found to make it permanent.

According to the Minister, he is all for rural Carnival.  He hopes that at some point, we will be able to bring together and encourage all of the unique Carnival art forms to be displayed and packaged in the Capital, in an effort to further the Tourism product.


Honourable Ian Douglas, Minister for Tourism and Legal Affairs

Ms. Dominica, Leslassa Armour Shillingford, received a scholarship from the Government of Dominica and $5000 cash.

1st Runner Up, Ms. Kelshia Breezie received $7000 cash while the 2nd Runner Up, Ms. Daina Matthew received $5000 cash and an additional $2000 from her Carnival Sponsor, DOMLEC.

The other contestants also received cash.  All the participants received additional prizes from donors including gift baskets, bottled wine and hotel accommodation.

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