Carnival queen promotes carnival and cultural pride

19 year old Nadira Lando has made a mark in Dominican history and set new standards in carnival pageants as she won 7 of 10 awards at the carnival queen show 2012.

Miss Lando a confident young lady, wears her title proudly and says that she was not surprised at winning the crowd as she put her best foot forward and was calm throughout.

She says that the contestants in the pageant have a bond that they still share as they are friends and made a pact at the show to remain friends despite the results.

Miss Lando says she has plans to do her part to make carnival an even better product for the year 2013.

To do so, she intends to help in pageants and in support for the other carnival shows.

As a people she says, we should come together to promote the talent and creativity of our people and show greater appreciation for the behind the scenes personalities of carnival.

In addition to setting what is believed to be a new record in local pageantry, Nadira is one of the first of the indigenous people to win the carnival queen crown.

She is proud of her Kalinago heritage and intends to use her title to promote her people and to encourage tourism to Dominica.

Miss Lando plans to take part in 4 regional pageants, the first being miss caribbean world that will be held in Amy in Tortola.

The others are miss carnival in st. Vincent, either miss hibiscus or miss caribbean culture in Nevis and miss Jaycees in Antigua.

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