Carnival; should the date be changed?

Carnival; should the date be changed?


That was the topic that was deliberated on by a group of panelists when the Dominica State College Journalism Club hosted a forum at the DSC Campus on Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011.


The panelists at the forum included Mr Val Cuffy, Mrs Nathalie Clarke Meade of the Dominica Festivals Committee and Monsignor William Jno-Lewis representing the Dominica Roman Catholic Church.


The forum, which was also open to the general public proved to be educational and informative to the students, especially as this topic seems to surface every year.


The Carnival Development Committee as well as the Dominica Festivals Committee have had several discussions on this topic in the past as citizens continue to express mixed views on the issue.


Various church organizations have recently made proposals for a total ban on carnival; a suggestion that many cultural activists have criticized.


This year’s carnival is scheduled for March 7th an 8th.

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