Carnival Tuesday 2014

The celebration on Carnival Tuesday kicked off with a grand parade of show costumes and costume bands at about 10.a.m.

Bright and beautifully coloured floats, which permeated the streets of Roseau on February 4th 2014, caught the eye of unsuspecting tourists, who were onboard a one day cruise ship excursion.

Eager to see what awaited them on the shores of the Nature Isle; visitors flooded the Capital, equipped with cameras, tablets and smart phones, hoping to catch a glimpse of the excitement.

Following the street parade was what is locally referred to as ‘last lap’. Patrons, geared with their water bottles, rags and confetti, stood by waiting for the bacchanal to begin.

Disappointed by the band turn out, persons at first, levitated towards the remaining parade bands on the streets, in an effort to keep in the Carnival spirit.

Later on that night, when the famous WCK and Triple Kay bands hit the motorways, crowds in other bands began to grow smaller as revellers gathered around their trucks.

Despite the many interruptions in the flow of music – a result of some sort of misconduct – many persons remained in the bands until the last drum rolled.

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