Cases Of CHIKUNGUNYA Rise In Dominica

footage (10)Despite efforts to curb the disease, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. David Johnson, has revealed that the number of confirmed cases of the Chikingunya disease on island as of 13th February, 2014 has increased to 31, with the possibility of it rising.

He said and I quote, “We have seen persons identified with the signs and symptoms of the disease from the Castle Bruce, Grandbay, Laplaine, Marigot, Roseau, Portsmouth and St Joseph health districts, end quote.”



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These persons are managed at home and it is very unlikely that there will be a significant number of persons seeking attention or being hospitalized from Chikungunya, added Dr. Johnson.

Infected persons are being urged to sleep under mosquito nets and use mosquito repellants to curb the spread of the disease.

He noted, the cases keep changing on a daily basis, with confirmed and suspected cases.




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The National Pest and Termite Control have also launched an indoor residual spray method which kills mosquitoes that come in contact with sprayed surfaces.

The Ministry of Health will continue their various strategies in combating the disease and is advising the public, to keep their doors and windows open during fogging operations by health authorities and should do their best to mitigate the instances of breeding mosquitoes by emptying water drums or keeping them covered.




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The first case of Chikungunya in Dominica was from a resident of Good Hope returning from a trip to St. Martin.

Since then that individual has recovered.

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