Castle Bruce Health District Joins Fight Against Diabetes

Castle Bruce Health District Joins Fight Against Diabetes

In observance of World Diabetes Day, the Castle Bruce Health District, launched its SELF HELP LIFE STYLE CHANGES CONTROL CNCD’S (SLIC), Kalinago Territory Segment.

SLIC was initiated by the Castle Bruce District Medical Officer, Dr Velda Wade in March 2012.

The goal is to disseminate information to clients and help them implement these information, which will help them make healthy decisions for themselves, their families and communities.

Over 150 SLIC participants, who included community members from Mahaut River, Salybia, Castle Bruce and students from the Salybia Primary School, publicly took a stand against Diabetes.

SLIC Kalinago Diabetes Day Activity included a Health Walk from the Gaulette River Bus Stop, and the Pointe Salybia Bus Stop to the Salybia Primary School.

There were cultural presentations from Prosper Paris, Karina and Karifuna cultural group and the different SLIC groups.

Castle Bruce Residents On A Diabetes Health Walk

The first segment, SLIC Castle Bruce was launched on September 2012 in observance of Caribbean Wellness Day.

SLIC activities include physical exercises, Mondays to Thursdays from 4pm to 5:30pm at the Castle Bruce Health Centre.

Sergeant Jerome Bannis, FNP Charmaine Julien and Dr Velda Wade manage this programme.

Also, local food preparation demonstrations are done every other Friday.

SLIC is geared at demonstrating the ability to use local foods and physical activities to stay healthy and encompasses an integral community effort.

The Kalinago Territory Segment takes place in Mahaut River, where physical exercises are carried out by Primary health Care Nurse Doreen Ettiene, on Tuesdays at 5pm and Sundays at 5am.

Good Health Practice Sign

This is also done in Salybia, on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays at 4pm conducted by Mr Kozier Frederick, who is trained in Marshal Arts and Physical Exercises and Registered Nurse/Midwife Winnie Joseph.

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